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Helpful Reviews of Wedge Sandals

Reviews (433)
Shoespie Snakeskin Print WedgesReviews (5)By Florence Apr.04,2017

The heel is too high for me and if you have a high arch you'd better buy one size larger. I like these shoes maybe lower heel next time.

Shoespie Contrast Color Coppy Leather Wedge SandalsReviews (8)By Coral Feb.22,2017

So beautiful. Every one liked them on the beach and asked where to get them. It's so important to be easy to wear and pretty at the same time.

Shoespie Peep Toe Rattan Grass Wedge SandalsReviews (8)By elvis100 Jun.07,2016

I have received these cute sandals. The heel walks so firm though it's 15cm high. I wear them with both pants and skirts.

Fashionable Black Suede Cut-Outs Stiletto SandalsReviews (5)By efi_rubi Jun.04,2016

So beautiful and comfort shoe..i loved it..

Sweet Bowknot Floral Print Ankle Strap Wedge SandalsReviews (1)By Mar.29,2015

Hi your post is amazing good collection...........

New Arrival Comfortable Wedge Heel Brown Coppy Leather SandalsReviews (10)By Hermosa Apr.28,2018

I really love this wedge sandal. It is unexpectedly adoreable and comfortable, I tried them on and walked around for a bit and fell in love with this shoe. Great buy!

Shoespie Contrast Color Coppy Leather Wedge SandalsReviews (8)By Gilbert Apr.03,2018

The color is perfect and they are well made.I bought this for my girlfriend, she said it's comfortable and nice design. She love it.

Pretty Transparent Upper Glitter Wedge SlippersReviews (12)By Clara Mar.13,2018

fashionable heels.I bought these heels and they are gorgeous.I love these shoes, they fit well and are so much fun,Recommend!

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