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Helpful Reviews of Thigh High Boots

Reviews (908)
Sexy Buttons Solid Color Knee High BootsReviews (5)By Miriam Oct.19,2018

I love them! Fit great and look great. Classy enough for a night out on the town and sexy enough for the bedroom. Great product, looking for thigh highs, look no further.

Shoespie Sexy Lace up Buckles Over Knee High BootsReviews (29)By Marian Oct.19,2018

These boots are fabulous. They are extremely adjustable in calf fit due to the laces. Once the laces are adjusted and set to your liking you simply use the zipper for easy on and off. Bravo!

Shoespie Fashion Block Heel Thigh High BootsReviews (15)By Simona Jan.16,2018

Love these! I really like these boots. Bought them to replace some worn out boots.They fit my feet perfect. Perfect!!!!!!!

Shoespie Color Block Stiletto Heel Thigh High BootsReviews (16)By Pag Nov.17,2017

I love these boots so much I want to buy 2 pairs! Great price and I got a ton of compliments.great price. would buy again.

Shoespie Fashion Gray OL Style Thigh High BootsReviews (12)By Nov.12,2016

I bought the gray boots and they are so beautiful. A bit tight around the calves, guess I have to lose some weight ! lol

Breathtaking Coppy Leather Lace-Up Knee High BootsReviews (10)By Hilary Sep.26,2016

I was very impressed with the nice quality of the booties. Great purchase for the price' love them!!

Red Slip-On Stiletto Heel Thigh High BootsReviews (9)By Martha Jan.16,2019

I wore them for New Years and got sooo many compliments, they were comfortable, in my opinion but I'm a heel lover and wear them rather often, definitely will be buying another pair asap!!!

Army Green Camouflage Platform Stiletto Heel Thigh High BootsReviews (1)By andystonababe Jan.16,2019

I just noyiced that you all have a $29 off code bye29 on both pair off shoes that I have ordered and I wanted to ask if I could use that code on my purchase still and get discount to my account for either this purchase or a gift card for that amount on my account for my next purchase?Spend $189+ get $29 off coded:bye29(SPU:#13420328)Write a ReviewMSRP:USD $460.08USDEURGBPJPYCADAUDCHFHKDRUBDKKSEKNOKMXN$184.99Color:

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