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Helpful Reviews of Men's Loafers

Reviews (19)
Shoespie Slip-On Rivet Casual Men's LoafersReviews (12)By Truman Jan.09,2018

For the price and quality, I'm satisfied. I love this shoes. Comfortable, love the design also excellent quality and durability...

Shoespie Unique Paint Men's SneakersReviews (2)By Julie Oct.29,2018

Bought these for my litter brother and he loves them. He got a lot of compliments and still till today I haven't seen these anywhere else or anyone else wearing them.

Shoespie Black Sequin Slip-On Men's LoafersReviews (5)By Rachel Oct.15,2018

The shoes were very stylish with nice colors, very sparkly! great for costume! LOVED these shoes.

Shoespie Slip-On Rivet Casual Men's LoafersReviews (12)By Susan Oct.06,2018

The loafers fit perfectly, and are very stylish. Very nice shoes I wasn’t expecting it to be that quality. Love love it.

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