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Helpful Reviews of Men's Loafers

Reviews (44)
Slip-On Rivet Casual Men's LoafersReviews (9)By Truman Jan.09,2018

For the price and quality, I'm satisfied. I love this shoes. Comfortable, love the design also excellent quality and durability...

Shoespie Patent Leather Metal Decoration Men's LoafersReviews (25)By Walker Jan.09,2018

Love these shoes. They are very comfortable , light weight , flexible and fashionable.Not too tight just right. If you're looking for a nice funcitional pair of walking/workout/jogging shoes, then I highly suggest trying these out at this amazing price point.

Shoespie Unique Thick Outsole Men's CasualsReviews (1)By Afra Mar.02,2017

I bought US6 in white color,true to size. Cool shoes but a bit heavy because of thick outsole. It's fine, I like them. Recommend.

Shoespie Patent Leather Metal Decoration Men's LoafersReviews (25)By Joyce Jan.08,2018

The shoes are so well made that 8 hours of wear on a daily basis should not pose a problem at all unless you're walking or standing for extended periods of time. If there are no other foot related issues, wearing these shoes will get you a lot of compliments and hours of comfortable wear.

Slip-On Rivet Casual Men's LoafersReviews (9)By Truman Jan.12,2018

These shoes are so cool looking. I love wearing them. They are comfortable and enjoyable to wear.Great fit and exactly what I wanted!

Casual Slip-On Loafers Low-Cut Upper Men's SneakersReviews (8)By Althea Jan.10,2018

When I first grab them I knew I had a winner: myself!It's a nice pair of shoes.Comfortable and sober!I hope they last long enough...

Sheospie Sequin Embroidery Men's LoafersReviews (1)By Linda Nov.05,2017

The shoes arrived really fast!! They are verye comfortable, young, trendy, and no one in my area has a pair like them...Recommended!!!

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