About Us


Our mission at shoespie is to provide customers throughout the United States with access to fresh seafood. Located in Southern Maine, we are dedicated to establishing lasting relationships with local fishermen in an effort to support the local economy and to continue offering the best products available.

shoespie was founded by Jarek in 2012. Jarek grew up working alongside his father in the seafood business selling lobster wholesale to local restaurants and markets. Inevitably, while studying business in college, Jarek saw an opportunity to expand upon what he learned growing up. In 2012 he started shoespie with the goal of providing people who don’t live near a coast with the same access to fresh seafood.

The company has grown a lot over the years. Google’s Economic Impact Report for 2018 recognized shoespie as a top online business in the state of Maine. As our company continues to grow, we see ourselves expanding further online and become the top consumer source for all fresh seafood products.

In an effort to support the local community in Maine, we also prioritize hiring individuals who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction by offering incentives for sobriety, our company provides a stable and healthy work environment that we are proud of.

Catching the lobsters