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Shoes FAQ
  • 1.How do I know my shoe size?

    If you are unsure of your shoe size, you can measure your shoes size. Because the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler orBrannock device an only approximate your true shoe size. Please also keep in mind that manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly.

  • 2.How to choose fit high heel shoes?

    For the people whose feet are fat, it is better to choose a pair of high heel shoes which is larger than the feet
    and avoid thin heel shoes. Wedges are popular and more comfortable for them.

  • 3.How to take care of shoes?

    Have a place for your shoes or even create special storage for special shoes so that you can prevent the shoes from dirt or marks and maintain the shape of shoes.

    Rotate your shoes. Where possible allow a day between wears and alternate with other shoes, so you can keep the shoes dry out fully whether from rain or natural perspiration.

    Clean or polish your shoes regularly. You can get the necessary supplies like shoetrees and learn the proper way to polish on the tongue and the upper of the shoes. 

    But know when to use shoe cream. Wax-finished or waterproof leather uppers should be treated with dubbin or a 'waxed leather cream' to condition, soften and protect the leather. 

    Avoid stepping in dirt and use older shoes for dirty or damaging tasks. Keep your old shoes and you'll get a little more use out of them and spare the newer shoes premature damage.

    Apply a suitable waterproofing agent periodically if the outside is snow or rain. 

  • 4.Why can I no longer find the shoes that I found before?

    Once an item has no more available stock and the manufacturer is no longer making it, it is removed from our

    webpage as available and will no longer show up in searches.

  • 5.What if my shoes are not available?

    If your shoes are not in stock and for some reason we cannot offer them, we will notify you and give you other

    options to choose from, or you can cancel your order.

    You can provide other of your favorite shoe style pictures, and after confirmation, we will reply you as soon as possible.

  • 6.How do I place my order in this website?

    You can view the catalog in our website. If you find anything you want to buy,

    please add it to your shopping cart and then go check out.

  • 7.Is the information I send over the Internet safe?

    All the information you send over our website is strictly confidential and is protected by our SSL

    certified web site through the industry's most powerful encryption VeriSign. Any other information

    given such as email is strictly confidential and will not be used or given to any 3rd party.

    Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

New Customer Guidance
  • 1.How to change account information?

    After logging  in, you can see My Account on the bottom left. You can go to Change My Profile  to change your email address. Password and shipping information can be changed  in the list of Change Password and Contact information.

  • 2.How do I change my email address?

    If you want to  change the information, you can login to your shoespie account, and you can  change it on this page.

Log in Problems
  • 1.Can't Log In

    Please follow  the instructions below:

    You can check if your login details and your login username is the email  address which you used for registration.
  system maintenance might cause a problem - Please wait 30 minutes  and try again.

    You need ensure that cookies from are accepted in your browser (Internet Explorer or others).

    If the above methods still do not work, please contact our customer service,  they will help you to resolve the issue.

    TIP: If you're not certain whether the problem is with us or you, please test  logging in with another set of computer, or try different browsers.

    When you registered, you made a mistake which caused that you can't access your  account, and you've never made any orders. You had better to use the  registration to sign up again for a new account using the quickest way.

  • 2.Forgot Password

    You may reset  your password by clicking the "Forgot password?" button on the sign  in page. Then go to your email inbox, and reset your password.

Preference Policies
  • 1.What are the requirements for receiving discounts?

    We give our  client discount by shoespie coupon code:

    A. You can get a shoespie coupon code outside of shoespie Website (e.g. from  any of our promotional websites, and advertisement, etc.)

    B. All the new registered buyers on shoespie will get a coupon code

    C. You can get a coupon code after you pay for an item in our website

  • 2.What kind of discount does offer?

    We give our  client kinds of discount, including coupon code, and providing our big clients  (order value above $500) that place second order with us or customer that buy  our item above $5000 at one time will get 10% discount.

Order Making
  • 1.How to change the order information

    As a rule,  once the order has been made, the detailed information (the size, the color,  the material, etc.) of the item is not allowed to change anymore.

  • 2.Tips for finding your favorite items

    There are  various kinds of products list on our website. In order to find your  preferential items, you may refer to the searching skills below:
    1. You may tap the key words to search it or click the certain category to seek  for your favorite products.

    2. Besides, you can shop according to the sort of Recommended, Best Selling,  Price (high to low), Price (low to high) or New Arrival.

  • 3.Creating reviews

    To post your  own review on a product, you must have completed purchase of this product. Your  review will appear on the product detail page after submission.
     Here shows how to create a review:

    Step 1:
     Sign into your account and visit "My Account".
     (Note: You must have completed purchase of the product before creating a review  on it.)

    Step 2:
     Click the "My Review" button in the My Account section; then you will  see a list of items awaiting your reviews.

    Step 3:
     Choose the item you want to review by pressing the "Write a Review"  button on the "My Reviews" page. Rate on a 5-star scale for the item  and enter your comment in the box provided.

    Step 4:
     Preview your review and press the "Submit Review" button.

  • 4.What if I can't find the item I want

    If it is a  custom made item, and you have the picture of the product you want, then you  can contact our customer service atservice@shoespie.comwith specific  information (confirm the material, color, size, etc.). With your confirmation,  we can make sure whether we can make the item for you.

  • 5.How about the product quality on

    Our factory  staff have strict standard on professionalism, experience and credibility. We  provide you with not only 100% Guaranteed Quality and Service, but also low price.  Customers' satisfaction is our pursuit and we are willing to try our best to  give you the best products and service. If you have any suggestions or  questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

  • 6.What is shoespie purchase flow

    1. Buyer  searches for products and place an order at search for and  evaluate an item, communicate with Seller, and then add to cart.

    2. Buyer makes payment, which Shoespie will hold until Buyer authorizes its  release to Seller.

    3. Seller delivers package. When the payment is confirmed, Buyer will get  tracking information.

    4. Buyer receives package and checks quality and quantity of item(s).

    5. Buyer completes order and gives feedback and product review; payment is  released to Seller.

  • 7.How can I check my order status

    You should sign in first with the correct and the same email address and  password as when you make the order. Then click the "My Account"  button, and you can view your order status.

  • 8.How to complete an order

    If you are satisfactory with the item you have purchased, you just need  check out. Your order will be completed.

  • 9.If a very large order is delivered from China to my country, will customs seize my order

    Yes, it is possible. We suggest you  ask us in advance to split your orders into several smaller packages, to be  shipped out on different days to avoid possible seizure.

  • 10.What is processing time

    Processing time is the time it takes to make your shoes. Generally  speaking, it will take 5-7 calendar days for professional shoemaker to  make your shoes.

  • 11.How to remove item out of cart

    You should go to your shopping cart and find the item you don't want to  buy. Please click the "remove" button on the page. That item will be  removed from your shopping cart.

  • 12.How do I choose the specifications of the item I want

    The best way is to contact our customer service to offer us your  information. Also when you want to check out, please go to your shopping cart  and find the "add remark" button. You can leave a message to us if  you have specific requests regarding an item such as size, color, ect. After  receiving your order, we will call you or email you to verify your information.

  • 13.What if I want to change the order information?

    As a rule, once the order has been made, the detailed information (e.g.  the size, the color, the material, etc.) of the item is not allowed to change.

  • 14.Useful tips before placing an order

    The following  are some information you may focus on before placing orders:

    -Shoespie sends goods to you from China. So, you (or the consignee) are  importers. In most cases, this means you will be liable for import duties and other  taxes. Therefore, on receipt of the items it's your responsibility to pay the  taxes/charges. Drop shippers: please inform your customers about this in  advance.

    - Generally, most of the couriers cannot deliver to PO box. So please offer a  street address.

    - A valid phone number in your account is needed. Dropshippers - please provide  your customer's phone number for couriers.

    - Take note of the *sensor* megapixel rating on digital cameras, not the  "interpolated" rating.
     Sample orders are highly recommended before proceeding with large wholesale  orders.

  • 15.What if I am making a large / bulk order

    Regarding to a  Large / Bulk Order, you can place the order directly from  according to order process, and follow guidance of the order placing process.
    We will provide you with personal customer service for large volume wholesale  orders and discuss the shipping options fully.
    If you are going to place a large volume order , our VIP Customer Manager will  serve you:

  • 1.How Do I Save on Shipping?

    If you can  wait a little longer, please choose the standard shipping method, it will be  much cheaper than using express shipping.
    International shipping is expensive, so we suggest our customers buy all things  you need in just one order to minimize shipping fees. Compared with express  shipping, the standard shipping method is much cheaper if you can wait a little  longer.

  • 2.What could cause an invalid tracking code?

    The tracking  information normally appears after 2-3 business days. If no tracking  information updated after a long time, please contact us as soon as possible,  and we will contact the shipping company for you. You may also contact the  shipping company by yourself.
    If the seller does not respond to your email, you can request cancel the order  in your shoespie account, or you can ask customer service to help you contact us.

  • 3.How can I tell if my items have been shipped or not?

    You should  sign in first with the correct and the same email address and password as when  you make the order. Then click the "My Account" button, and you can  view if your items have been shipped or not.

  • 1.Cash on Delivery

    Sorry to say  that we cannot accept cash on delivery. We cannot accept the transaction in  which goods are paid for full in cash or by certified check immediately when  they are received by the buyer. We really appreciate that you buy items from  shoespie, and shoespie provides buyers with many payment methods such as PayPal,  offline payment methods (western union and bank transfer), all these ways are  available.
    So please pay for your order in full, in advance, and we will give you the top  class services.

Refund Policy