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Helpful Reviews of Stiletto Heels

Reviews (2397)
Fashionable Black & White Contrast Color Dress SandalsReviews (4)By Annabelle Apr.18,2014

The shape, the color, the desgine, everything about this heels is just perfect!

Graceful Rivets Pointed-toe HeelsReviews (17)By Donna Feb.28,2017

I'am so happy I purchased these shoes. Extremely comfortable and pretty much goes with any outfit. These shoes can be worn for casual or night out. They look even better on. Definitely recommend! True to size as well. I'm a size 8 and that's what I purchased.

Elegant Lace-Up Rivets Platform HeelsReviews (10)By cooperkimberli03 Mar.24,2017

I love these shoes! Very much worth the price, fine quality.

Chic White Coppy Leather Pointed Toe Stiletto HeelsReviews (17)By Myra Apr.16,2017

wonderful, comfortable and attractive. I took them to the shoe shop to be stretched and they are super comfortable. will be ordering more in different colors.

Gorgeous Contrast Colour Pointed Toe HeelsReviews (6)By Jessica Mar.12,2017

Great shoe! They look great and they tit as expected, perhaps a touch too small, but that's really what you want in a leather shoe anyway as they'll stretch out. I can wear these for much longer than any of my other heels.

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