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Helpful Reviews of Sneakers & Athletic Shoes

Reviews (589)
Shoespie Black and White Spikes Men's Fashion SneakersReviews (12)By Laurel Jan.19,2018

Wonderful man shoe. I bought it for my boyfriend .He says these sneakers are perfect,They are really cute and true to size. So adorable and super comfy.

Shoespie Chic White Men's Fashion Skate ShoesReviews (17)By Spencer Jan.10,2018

They fit really good and I received the items on time.they are super soft, super comfortable, I will buy again and again from this site.

Shoespie Embossed Leather Multi Chains Men's SneakersReviews (7)By Ingrid Jan.10,2018

Very comfortable shoe. Holds up very well. Can't believe it's this comfortable and durable for such a low price. Looks and feels better than shoes I've bought that cost 2 or 3 times more

Shoespie Slip-On Letter SneakersReviews (8)By Dana Jan.07,2018

Bought these for my boyfriend. He said they fit perfectly. He is a size 9. They are comfortable,well made, true to size and sharp! Don't hesitate.

Shoespie Patent Leather Thread Decoration Men's LoafersReviews (25)By Walker Jan.09,2018

Love these shoes. They are very comfortable , light weight , flexible and fashionable.Not too tight just right. If you're looking for a nice funcitional pair of walking/workout/jogging shoes, then I highly suggest trying these out at this amazing price point.

Shoespie Silver Rivet Lace-Up Men's SneakersReviews (12)By Linda Jan.08,2018

Extremely comfortable and absorbs impact very well when I go for my morning jogs. Had these for a month so far, so as for as the wear-and-tear aspect, they are still in great condition.

Breathable Concise Elastic Band Men's SneakersReviews (5)By Gwendolyn Jun.10,2018

Breathable, very true to the name, this pair is very light, comfortable and stylish as well. I've been regularly using it for traveling to school and a bit of running and don't hurt at all even after keeping them on for long periods of time.

Shoespie Sequin Men Shoes Fashion SneakersReviews (5)By Viola Jun.07,2018

I purchased these for a friend. He likes them. He said they comfortably and were exactly what he was looking for. I gave these a five star because they are exactly as described and my friend really likes them.

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