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Helpful Reviews of Sneaker

Reviews (243)
Shoespie Fashion Street Style SneakersReviews (1)By Blanche Apr.20,2017

This shoe is definitely worth the money. I have just a slightly wide foot and these still fit perfectly. The best sneakers I've bought. They fit perfect and feel like you're walking on the clouds. I'm in love with the red color.

Shoespie Fashionable Metal In-elevator Wing Decoration SneakerReviews (5)By Cathy Mar.30,2017

These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! These in general are super comfy. I usually prefer the slip-ons, but these are great too. I'm on my feet all day for work, and my feet NEVER hurt.

Shoespie Camo SneakersReviews (1)By aretfef Apr.12,2017

Totally comfortable straight out of the box! Memory foam sole is great. I have a wide foot and I was concerned about that but the medium width fits fine even with socks. Lots of room around the toes too! I have recommended to several people already.

Shoespie Fashionable Metal In-elevator Wing Decoration SneakerReviews (5)By Crystal Apr.27,2017

I'm very happy with this product they are extremely comfortable and light and the price was right and Shoespie is amazing as usual, the sneakers are amazing.

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