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Helpful Reviews of Peep-toe Heels

Reviews (568)
Shoespie Delicate Contrast Color Peep Toe Platform HeelsReviews (2)By Astrid Dec.07,2016

These shoes are a little taller than I'd normally buy, but the platform makes them easy to wear. Very comfortable.

Shoespie Dreaming Black Peep Toe Extreme High Heel Platform HeelsReviews (1)By Winifred Oct.11,2016

Very comfortable & stylish. I love the color' leather and height. Highly recommend.

Shoespie Classy Color Block Peep Toe Platform HeelsReviews (1)By Kama Sep.25,2016

Super easy to dress up an outfit. Looks great with jeans' and dresses.

Shoespie Suede Buckles Decoration Peep-toe Platform HeelsReviews (3)By Reg Sep.13,2018

Omg shoes are soooo cute and comfy I love them they don't look cheap and fit just right thanks so much I will be back for more very soon!

Red & Black Line-Style Buckle Platform Stiletto HeelsReviews (5)By Hugh Aug.28,2018

The platform saved my life hahahaha! I'm not really good at high heels, but I can wear them for four hours!

Shoespie Sexy Brilliant Ultra-High HeelsReviews (9)By Suzanne Aug.05,2018

These shoes are absolutely adorable.They are sexy indeed! The heel is highlighted with a sort of metallic faded shade that blends right into the body of the shoes.

Shoespie Black Sandals Slingback Strap Peep-toe Platform HeelsReviews (14)By shadi_sports Jul.24,2018

very nice shose, look so beautifull and sexy

Black Platform Peep Toe Wedge HeelsReviews (5)By Yves Jul.11,2018

Great shoes! Surprisingly I could walk long blocks in these! This shoe is so adorable and feels very well made! I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone who aspires to have an effortlessly chic style!

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