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Helpful Reviews of Men's Loafers

Reviews (42)
Slip-On Rivet Casual Men's LoafersReviews (12)By Truman Jan.09,2018

For the price and quality, I'm satisfied. I love this shoes. Comfortable, love the design also excellent quality and durability...

Shoespie Patent Leather Thread Decoration Men's LoafersReviews (25)By Walker Jan.09,2018

Love these shoes. They are very comfortable , light weight , flexible and fashionable.Not too tight just right. If you're looking for a nice funcitional pair of walking/workout/jogging shoes, then I highly suggest trying these out at this amazing price point.

Shoespie Black Sequin Slip-On Men's LoafersReviews (5)By Rachel Oct.15,2018

The shoes were very stylish with nice colors, very sparkly! great for costume! LOVED these shoes.

Slip-On Rivet Casual Men's LoafersReviews (12)By Susan Oct.06,2018

The loafers fit perfectly, and are very stylish. Very nice shoes I wasn’t expecting it to be that quality. Love love it.

Shoespie Patent Leather Thread Decoration Men's LoafersReviews (25)By Joyce Jan.08,2018

The shoes are so well made that 8 hours of wear on a daily basis should not pose a problem at all unless you're walking or standing for extended periods of time. If there are no other foot related issues, wearing these shoes will get you a lot of compliments and hours of comfortable wear.

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