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Helpful Reviews of Gladiator Sandals

Reviews (234)
Shoespie Zipper Cut outs Knee High SandalsReviews (2)By Phyllis Oct.17,2015

Very sexy and cheap

Shoespie Multi Color Cutout Knee High BootsReviews (2)By Jodie Sep.10,2016

I love the cut out design and knee high boots, very stylish. Much Love!

Shoespie Cut Out Flat Gladiator SandalsReviews (1)By lucretiamarney16 Dec.30,2016

I love this sandel but how much is it in rand value, size 6

Shoespie Cut-out Solid Color Zipper Platform SandalsReviews (1)By stevaj Feb.20,2017

Dear Sir,I thank you for all efforts to send me this shoes. My order was generated in 20 Dez 2016. After my shoes were posted in Germany to me in 05 Jan 2017. It arrived in Brazil 13 Jan 2017 and in this day finished the Shoespie's responsability for delivering it. My shoes stayed in brazilian customs since this date up to 16 Feb 2017 when I received it at my home (more than one month but without paying import taxes!!).The quality was good but the quality of my previous order (item code 10950104) was better as the workmanship and the box. Even so I am satisfied with this shoes.I had observed many Shoespie's pops in several pages that I visited in internet during every days. I consider this a very good commercial strategy and I praise it. Again I thank you.Best regards,Stefan

Shoespie Thigh High Lace Up SandalsReviews (2)By ms_shayrockz Mar.16,2017

Though, it took a little while to get to me- these are the sexiest shows I've ever owned!!!

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