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Helpful Reviews of Anklets

Reviews (37)
Shoespie Luxurious Rhinestone Toe Ring AnkletReviews (0)By Clementine May.03,2017

The quality is excellent. Looks great. I ordered it with coupon so the price is very cheap.It is better if the shipping time is faster.

Shoespie Gorgeous Exotic Style Rhinestone AnkletReviews (0)By Kim Apr.29,2017

It looks very nice on foot, sparkle like diamonds and was packed efficiently.The importatnt thing is the shipping time is fast. Nice!

Shoespie Electroplated Snake Chain AnkletReviews (0)By Vanessa Jul.18,2018

I love this ankle. As far as the quality, it seems very well made and it is very beautiful. Sparkly, unique, feminine...just plain lovely. The clasp is large and easy to fasten. Looks like a more expensive piece.

Shoespie Chains Tassels AnkletsReviews (0)By Esther Jul.17,2018

I have work this anklet nearly everyday all summer. Looks pretty. Good quality for price. looks better on than it does in the pictures. It is a little heavier than my other anklets, but I got used to it over time.

Shoespie Luxurious Rhinestone Toe Ring AnkletReviews (0)By Wright Jul.16,2018

This anklet already gets great reviews, but I have to add mine also. It is a beautiful anklet, very classy and well made. It sparkles and shines in the light and looks strong enough to last a long time. The packaging is just beautiful.

Shoespie Gorgeous Tassels AnkletReviews (0)By Julie Jul.15,2018

This is by far my favorite anklet, and I have a good few of them. It fits well on my ankle even though they're wider than average. The clasp is sturdy but easy to get on and off. I often find I feel odd without it on, like I'm missing it. So I guess that means I like it!

Shoespie Alluring Diamante Fully-Jewelled Women's AnkletReviews (0)By Meredith Jul.13,2018

This is, simply put, one of the prettiest anklets I've ever owned. I'm so happy I decided to buy it! It's delicate, a little sparkly without being flashy, and sits on the ankle so comfortably. I hardly notice it at all, and I never take it off. Sturdy and perfect. Love this so much, and in the event that it breaks, I'll definitely be repurchasing.

Shoespie Gorgeous Exotic Style Rhinestone AnkletReviews (0)By Rae Jul.12,2018

This anklet is without a doubt the prettiest anklet I've ever seen. It's simple, sparkly, yet delicate looking enough that it doesn't look tacky or like costume jewelry. It catches the light just right and looks so so pretty on. and It's light and comfortable to wear. So happy I took the chance on this one!

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