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Helpful Reviews of Ankle Boots

Reviews (2527)
Chic White Coppy Leather Platform High Heel Boots With Metal DecorationReviews (1)By Frederica Oct.08,2014

The material is a little too stiff and the elevation is a little high for me. But the materials are of great quality.

Sexy Lace Upper Platform Ankle BootsReviews (1)By Fred Oct.08,2014

The lace is definitely giving me more than elegance. It is a classic accent but in this pair the lace is more of a centerpiece. I am delighted when I got my hand on the ordered item. It is a great experience.

Sexy Black Suede Cut-Outs High Heel Sandals with Metal DecorationReviews (1)By Wendy May.22,2014

The design is great. I admire the workmanship that was done for this pair. Thank you for an amazing product.

Elegant Sky-High Heels Ankle Boots with BowknotReviews (3)By Angela Mar.09,2014

There is more than delight in my heart when I opened the package. I am very happy with how the product looks like when I received it. It is definitely made from great quality material and the workmanship is very admirable.

Concise Rose Solid Colour Sider Zipper High Heel BootsReviews (2)By Emma Jul.26,2014

it has a very classy color and appearance that i just love ! very happy and satisfied with them

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