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Helpful Reviews of Flat Boots

Reviews (439)
Cool Black Lace-up Chunky Heel Martin BootsReviews (4)By cerd502 Sep.29,2014

This is definitely one of the most stylish boots that I got. I am so impressed with the quality of the PU material. I still cannot believe that I got it at an affordable rate.

New Arrival Cheap Cut-Outs Flat BootsReviews (6)By envmey Oct.03,2016

When will you restock size US 9??

Comfortable Colorful Lace-up Flat Ankle BootsReviews (32)By libin Oct.06,2016

These shoes are adorable. Good flat heel bootie.

Sweet Korean Style Bowtie Decoration Snow BootsReviews (7)By Dinah Oct.14,2016

Bought as a birthday gift. She loves the boots and wears them everyday.

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