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Helpful Reviews of Canvas Shoes

Reviews (131)
New Fashion Hand-painted Canvas ShoesReviews (5)By Iris Mar.05,2013

Very beautiful,is the same as the picture.

Fancy Canvas Flat Heels with Hand PaintedReviews (6)By Betsy Sep.11,2014

I really really like the picture, thanks shoespie, I will come here later.

Concise Summer Comfortable Lace-up Canvas ShoesReviews (6)By Setlla Oct.23,2014

I must say the cloth is of good quaulity

Appealing Solid Color Lace-Up Canvas ShoesReviews (1)By Nov.17,2014

good day, you seem to hardly have sizes 8.5 - 10.5... for most of the shoes/ wedges or heels.... e.g this canvas.. my size range isn't there

Fabulous High-top Canvas ShoesReviews (2)By Phyllis Jul.12,2015

This is so comfortable. I really like how the pattern looks and the design is so fresh yet it is making a strong impression.

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