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Helpful Reviews of Knee High Boots

Reviews (1733)
Fancy Platform Stiletto Heel Knee High BootsReviews (6)By Teela Sep.19,2014

50 percent off is a great deal to accept this lovely fancy platform boots, i was impressed by the color and the length of the boots, my bestfriend was loving them and it displays the leg very nicely

Fashionable Suede Wedge Heel Knee High BootsReviews (3)By Anna Sep.07,2014

so pretty! That was my initial reaction. It is so comfy! That came next. This is what I got for a very reasonable price tag.

Stylish Denim Wedge Knee High BootsReviews (1)By Jasen Sep.25,2014

They are so attractive and stylish!!!! these are one of the most attractive wedge knee high boots that i have right now. they are very classy and look very nice. thanks shoespie. i am very happy with them .

Multicolor Chunky Low Heel Knee High BootsReviews (5)By Marjorie Sep.28,2016

The boots are so comfortable. Perfect for fall and every other season :) Good price and high quality.

Lovely Rhinestone Bowknot Decorated Flat BootsReviews (13)By niubaolin5 Nov.26,2016

I am very pleased. I ordered these in red and they are beautiful.

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