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Helpful Reviews of Dress Sandals

Reviews (1352)
Shapely Contrast Color Clothe Dress SandalsReviews (3)By Scofield Jun.11,2014

The shoes are exactly what I ordered and they my feet fit perfectly!

Ravishing Contrast Colour PU Dress SandalsReviews (5)By Aurora Aug.13,2014

nice fitting black coppy heels boots,i fancy them alot and i could not hesitate to buy them because it was the last few left before new release, i was happy for my decision and the shoe itself is brand

Precious Coppy Leather Cut-Outs Dress SandalsReviews (1)By Merry Oct.05,2014

The materials are looking really stunning and I am so happy with how my pair is looking. I just received it.

Elegant White PU Peep Toe Ankle Strap Platform ShoesReviews (1)By Olive Oct.28,2014

The product is very impressive indeed. i love the pair i just got. the color is to the point .

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