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Helpful Reviews of Dress Sandals

Reviews (1697)
Shoespie Street Style String Shape Stiletto Heel SandalsReviews (4)By aretfef Oct.06,2016

Considering the height of the heel' these shoes were very comfortable. They look great with dresses as well as jeans. I am pleased with the color and quality of pu. It's a nice' cool sandal that can be worn throughout spring' summer and fall.

Shoespie Braided Ropes Wrap SandalsReviews (4)By Rebecca Oct.04,2016

Amazingly gorgeous

Irresistible Coppy Leather Cut-Outs Dress SandalsReviews (12)By femdocins Nov.14,2016

I would like to know .if how many days it ship to Phillipines. Tnx

Shoespie Updated Rhinestone Flat Gladiator SandalsReviews (67)By Agnes Nov.14,2016

Cute shoes, very flat sole. I need arch support but can wear for a couple of hours comfortably.

Ladies' Love Metal Ankle Wrap Stiletto Dress SandalsReviews (32)By Nydia Nov.04,2016

Sexy shoe at great price!!

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